A space to learn and grow.

This playground holds a collection of mini projects/tutorials, art, and side projects. In my spare time I like to sketch, play guitar, and work on visual design and coding challenges with the freedom to be creative just for the fun of it.

Animated Like Button in Figma

Interaction Design

I love doing Memorisely Supafast tutorials to learn tips and tricks for designing interactions in Figma.

Rock, Paper, Scissors with Python


This is a small project I did for my 100 Days of Python course.

Daily UI challenge - Sign Up
Daily UI Challenge - Sign Up

The challenge was to create a sign up and log in form using best practices.

Artist Portfolio mockups
Allowing the artwork to shine

Website Redesign ▪ UI ▪ Coding

This was a freelance project I did for the artist, Chuck Roach. His website was dated and wasn't doing his artwork any favors. I completely redesigned the site to allow his work to take center stage.

Morph effect with CSS


It is amazing the effects that can be produced with pure CSS.

Daily UI Challenge - Calculator

UI ▪ Interaction Design

The challenge was to create a calculator in Figma. I practised with gradients and hover states and tried to replicate the feeling of a click on a physical calculator.